DITTO Mark 18, FDM 3D Printer

฿ 40,000.00


Product Description


  • Fused Filament Fabrication Technology, support various materials (e.g., ABS, PLA, HIPS, SAN and etc.) Up to 260°C
  • 260mm x 260mm printing area with
    150mm height and 50 um vertical resolutions.
  • Filament Ranout Detection.
  • 600W Industrial Heat-Bed, heat up to 110°C in 5 min.
  • Industrial Grade Linear Slide and Welded Steel Chassis for Superior Rigidity and Precision.
  • New!! Support up-gradable LDM Technology
  • The PIM3D-MARK18 3D Printer is a professional use 3D Printer. Design for rigidity and precision, PIM-D uses welded steel chassis and Industrial Grade linear Slide to eliminate any loose coupling in screws and moving joints. Rapid heat up time benefited from 600W industrial grade heater also provides uniform thermal distribution across heat-bed so printing in full bed is possible. Printing high shrinkage material such as ABS could be pain but PIM3D-MARK18 has a fully enclosed body which reduces energy loss and keeps the temperature stable during printing resulting in the lower warping from material shrinkage.

    Heating up to 260°C, nozzle can print various material ranging from prototyping material (PLA,ABS) to engineering plastic (Nylon,SAN) with an endless possibilities.

    The PIM3D-MARK18 supports gcode file from many 3D Slicer programs such as Simplify3d, Cura or Repetier. Support SD-Card and USB interface for standalone operation or remote operation from PC control (Optional).

    PIM3D-MARK18 has 1 year warranty*.

    Made in THAILAND
    * Warranty’s condition under normal and proper usage.

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