Pufferomer3D-Gray (250g sample size) (Copy)

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Product Description

Pufferomer3D is a photocurable resin for 3D printing. Our special recipes have been formulated to suitable with most of the LCD-resin based 3D printers in the market. With an excellence property, Pufferomer3D can be solidified with either UV or visible light, depending on the recipe, and exhibits a very low shrinkage which can ensure the reliability of the printing.

Pufferomer3D is perfect for various applications such as Jewelly, Dental, Mechanical Part, Electronic Enclosure and so on, which requires high fidelity of the printing.

Deliver in 250g (sample size) , Pufferomer3D is the Material of choice to leverage the quality of the printing.

Specific Gravity 1.016 g/cm^3

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